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"digital life"

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The digital era has deeply not only changed the way to work, but also to communicate and to live. Social network, digital books, blog, posts electronics, smartphone, tablet, etc.... We are constantly dipped in a continuous flow of information, some useful others very less. It is to us to succeed in filtering what really it serves us and to discard the whole rest. This blog is born from the connubbio among the passion for the computer science, been born to the times of the mythical Commodore 64 and the pleasure to write. As "Answeriano DOC" on Yahoo Answers, I try to help the least experienced people in the section "computer and internet", so I have decided to write some guides footstep I pass on the best softwares in circulation. But also suggestions and rapid solutions for the resolutions of tied up problems to the world of the PC. Through selected programs of affiliation I offer besides the possibility to directly (from banner and devoted menù) purchase, the softwares of the best prices brands discounted.

Simone Losi, Computer Expert and I.C.T. Manager of prestigious Professional Study in Parma.

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