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search for and delete duplicate files with DeDupler

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DeDupler it is a small free tool and portable (then deprived of installation), that it allows the individualization of the files duplicated inside the briefcases of Windows. After having launched the executable one unloaded by the official site, it is enough to select the directory in which to effect the search, to accept the conditions of use, and to attend the procedure of verification. The times of attended they vary according to the number of present file, but also from the possible choice of the method of verification. If in fact he opts the advanced method SHA512 (bit to bit) it is nearly gotten an absolute certainty some result, but also a great run-time. The standard (MD5 - planned of default) method is very valid and suitable however in the greatest part of the casuistic ones. At the end the program it underlines (and it saves on.txt) the files held duplicates, replacing the duplicates from a symbolic connection with the remained file. In alternative it is also possible progress to the direct cancellation; what however I dissuade, it is better always to verify the result of the analysis to avoid non pleasant eliminations. To work the program has need that in the PC is installed Microsoft .NET Framework  di Windows.

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