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securely and permanently delete data, hard disks, partitions, and the entire PC

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In other articles we have analyzed some specific programs for the recovery of the cancelled data. We will now see the inverse trial, that is as to definitely eliminate data, partitions and the whole disk (understood the unities SSD) of the computer without possibility of recovery from professional software. The typical case, that understands sooner or later to everybody, it is the necessity to sell (to digest or to give) the old PC polished up by our personal data. But as to do? Apart the formatting disk (what however decisive is not), to be certain that nobody can ever recover the sensitive data that it contained, it needs to use professional software as O&O SafeEraser. The program allows to eliminate in permanent way the data using 6 methods, progressively surer but also slower (rewrite with zeros, casual rewrite to 1, 3, 6, 7, 35 passages), so that a recovery is impossible. You can be cancelled all, from single briefcases cards file of memory, unity dates USB, partitions disk and finally the whole computer (not some support is necessary of start). A pair of secondary utilities are present besides as the tool of analysis for the search of file cancelled not sure, the elimination of the temporary files Windows, programs and Internet (cleaning browser). The license is type shareware, for which it is not free (cost actual license € 29.90), but it is possible to unload the version of limited test (trial) in the time (30 days) and in the functions.



Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, Xp.

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